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Persuasion may well be the world’s most misunderstood skill. This despite the fact that it is one of the oldest researched. Since the time of Aristotle at least, persuasion (then also synonymous with rhetoric) has been scrutinized, analyzed, and dissected in an effort to reveal its secrets. Why?

Quite simply because persuasion wields such awesome power in human affairs.

From family to community to government and business, persuasion is the engine that drives support and cooperation, agreements and buying decisions.

Here’s the good news: We are in a new era of understanding about the power and principles of persuasion, thanks to advances in technology that allow us to peer into the greatest and still most mysterious engine of all: the human brain.

Courseware & Downloads

Downloads located in course tabs. FAQ & tutorials in the Persuasionizer menu above.

If you are new to the 7 Triggers, consider taking the Fast Track course first. Many users report that it provides a helpful “big picture” of the entire system, making the complete curriculum course more useful and productive.

If you don’t yet have your 7 Triggers Mobile app, scroll down to the phone image panel and select your mobile operating system. Unlock the app using the subscriber code located in your account welcome email.

Aftermarket Program

Expert advisors and coaches guide a proven custom integration process of the 7 Triggers methodology with your own business practice to produce more buying decisions.

Secrets of Influence

Certain messages and information activate the decision-making region of the brain. Learn the 7 most powerful and watch your yes ratio soar! Complete curriculum course. Approx. 4 hrs total.

Fast Track Trigger Drill

Summary excerpts of key points and practices for overviews, executive assessment, review and reinforcement, and quick reminders for pro persuaders. 45 minute speed course.

Software & Apps

The Persuasionizerâ„¢ Trigger Builder

The simple, fast, reliable way to manage your trigger elements.

Access the software from the top navigation.

Please note: If you do not have access, it is likely because your program does not include a software subscription. You can use the interactive Trigger Builder PDF instead, or contact us to change your plan.

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The download is free. Use the code included in your welcome email to unlock the app. Please note: Not all programs include mobile app access. Please contact us to change your plan.

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