The Trigger Builder Software

Your Persuasion Power Tool

The Persuasionizer™ software is where you’ll itemize, organize, and ultimately triggerize everything you need to write, post, send, or say in order to get those yes decisions!

The Secrets of Influence Master Class course includes step-by-step guidelines for building your first trigger elements archive.

Most find using this application to be most convenient on desktop or laptop, due to the amount of key-input.

Following initial set-up, Persuasion Prompters (customer encounter cheat sheets) can easily be created on a tablet or phone.


Once you learn what triggers are and how to activate them, game-changing progress comes from using them as much as possible in your communications. Our most successful client companies build their own persuasive communication archives — statements and questions embedded with trigger-defined talking points.

The Persuasionizer™ makes it easier than ever to build your own archive of persuasive points (called “elements” in the system) through guided input, and then serves as a fast and convenient way to select and use your preferred points for each and every customer encounter.

The Persuasionizer™ is not a CRM, but its features are often integrated with CRMs.

Most CRMs are principally administrative. They don’t help you make the sale as much as manage the selling process. Persuasionizer™ data is only about helping you make the sale.

If you are interested in a Persuasionizer™ integration with your CRM, please send a note to

Sales organizations may wish to involve the marketing department in helping to build the system’s Offer Trigger elements, which cover brand, product, and service attributes. These can then be populated across all rep accounts, who need only to add their Customer Trigger elements.

When used by both sales and marketing, The Persuasionizer™ can be a unique remedy for the common challenge of coordinating teams that are too often “silo-ed” regarding features, benefits, and key messaging.

The information you submit to The Persuasionizer™ is confidential and secure. We use industry-standard encryption for data transmission and storage. You retain all rights and ownership of your information, and we never expose your data to any third-party.

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